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Computer Vision

Teaching machines how to see

Whether through conventional image analysis techniques, or state of the art artificial intelligence, we deliver highly optimized computer vision solutions that train computers to interpret and understand visual data. Our HPC software brings forth the best out of your hardware and allows for real-time object detection, classification, segmentation, which translates into real-time decision making based on what you see.

Image Quality

Improve the Image Quality of your device

What is good image quality? Depending on the application field the answer differs significantly.

No matter whether your goal is an objective image quality standard, a subjective performance competitive device or a pre-deep learning image processing we have the knowledge and tools to support you.

Together with our signal image processing friends and their big brothers, the 3A algorithms, we can lighten up your device, find the balance and bring the texture to life. And all this will be done in the most colorful way.

Edge Computing

The key to the new industrial revolution

Edge computing refers to the act of processing data at the network periphery, as close to the originating point as possible. Edge computing has many benefits to the alternative – Cloud computing.
With edge computing you don’t suffer from Latency or Bandwidth limitations, you reduce the cost related to data movement and storage into a centralized facility and most importantly – you get real-time business insight.
Edge computing is reshaping the world of IT and business computing, but efficiently programming edge devices is not easy. At Software Supreme we’ve specialized in writing highly efficient software for edge devices that maximizes their performance.

GPU Acceleration

Harnessing the power of the GPU

At Software Supreme we have more than 10 years of professional experience with GPU acceleration. We can help you identify bottlenecks in your software and then create a custom tailored GPU solution that perfectly matches your needs. Tasks like Machine Learning and Computer Vision benefit greatly from GPU acceleration and we can help you achieve 4 to 5 times better performance.

Our Expertise

They easily understand a problem and find a great solution.
Lars Martin Sandvik Aas
CEO, Submerged
I’m impressed with their strong desire to do their job in the best way possible.
Konstantin Buzer
Image Quality Team Leader, Corephotonics Ltd
Software Supreme wrote clean, efficient code and delivered high-quality products ready to be released.
Andrey Rachev
Manager, VMware
We were most impressed with Software Supreme’s top-notch technical competence. Using GPU acceleration they successfully optimized the performance of our algorithm by 100–200 times, meeting our expectations.
Geospatial & AI Service Company, Founder & Principal

What We Offer

Custom Software Development

This is the highest level of service we provide. Should you choose Custom Software Development you will task us completely with the development and maintenance of a software solution customized to your needs. For this kind of service we will be in constant close communication with you. After we’ve settled on the design and capabilities of your project, we will begin our full custom implementation tailored to your needs. You will have daily access to our progress and you will be able to provide feedback as the product evolves right before your eyes. Our discipline and culture for developing stable solutions will make sure your software is developed fast and reliable through nightly integration and performance tests, keeping regressions to a minimum and performance to the maximum.

Image Quality

In the world of image quality, there is no one-size-fits-all answer to what constitutes “good” image quality. It heavily depends on the application field and the specific requirements of the task at hand.

In various scenarios, you might encounter different challenges. For instance, when dealing with objective image quality standards, it’s essential to have clear and measurable metrics that evaluate factors such as sharpness, contrast, noise, and color accuracy. These standards help in quantifying image quality objectively

On the other hand, in subjective performance competitive environments, you must take into account human perception and preferences. Subjective image quality assessment involves evaluating images based on how they are perceived by human observers.

Working alongside signal image processing experts and their 3A algorithms we can provide valuable insights and techniques for enhancing image quality. These algorithms can be leveraged to adjust various parameters adaptively, leading to improved image representation and visual appeal.


Consulting is a service where you can use our skills and experience in order to find the solution to a hard problem at hand. Maybe you’re struggling to get better performance out, or you’re having issues with stability. No matter the problem we can find a solution for you.
We would profile and analyze your software, determine bottlenecks and key places that could be improved and provide concrete guidelines how you can improve these. We specialize in GPGPU so we’ll also identify sections in your code that can benefit from GPU acceleration.
As a result you will have a clear understanding of what you need to do to achieve your goals!

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