Enrich our partners with our way of work


Our client was developing a computationally demanding application. When they contacted us they had a prototype but needed to expand the features and improve the performance, quality and stability while keeping up with deadlines.


Software Supreme got closely involved in the development of the project. We applied our knowledge and software development best practices to achieve consistent performance and streamline the application.


  • Integrated a profiler to determine hotspots and bottlenecks;
  • Applied code review process to ensure consistency with the work of our client’s developers;
  • Integrated CMake build system and isolated the inference libraries which enabled us to have the code base running on Jetson, x64 Linux and Windows;
  • Added headless mode so an automated test system could be implemented;
  • General code refactoring and optimization;


The client was able to hit their targets and deadlines while maintaining high quality and stability of the application.